With Fire & Steel (2019)

by Steel Shock

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Hammer Battalion (4:07) (Whirlewolf/MetalHeart) From the raging fire in the night Rising higher at the speed of light Thunderriders emerging through the clouds Swinging the hammer, screaming aloud Bells will chime into night Steel will shine The battle is born, battalions ride Ride for revenge with the hammer held high Scorch the land, hammer in hand None can withstand the Hammer Battalion Scorch the land, rule and command None can withstand the Hammer Battalion Torches are blazing and the flames will fill the hall Stone by stone by stone the towers fall Striking the shields, splinters all around Skulls will be crushed as the hammers pound Titans clashed, armours smashed Rising force Pounding and pounding the bones into dust Ride for revenge for the hammer to strike Rise above the ruins there is magic in the air The beast is defeated, strained into his lair The battle may be over, war will never end The Hammer Battalion will fight and defend Battlions ride, kill at sight Fight as one Forever they ride to answer the call To rule and obey for the hammer to fall
With Fire & Steel (5:04) (Whirlewolf/Metalheart) Lightning strikes in a flash, burns its course Thunder roars in the night, shockwave's force Frightening sound of the crack pounding loud Vengevul hearts of steel from chains unbound A whirlwind of doom shall reveal battle hymns an thundersteel On thunder we ride far and wide. we were born to fight on this battlefield Demon's bells are drawing near, pondrous knell Cries of pain and agony fill the air Cold sweat runs down your back, eyes will swell Now you're under attack, condemned to hell A blaze in the sky burns your eyes, deafening, our battlecries Alone in the dark, you'll be scared, scared and cold, and death be thy destiny Horns of war are calling us all With Fire and Steel we're riding the storm A flash in the night we're burning the sky With Fire and Steel to battle we ride Sound of steel sends a chill down your spine Chained and brought to your knees, where's your shrine? Lightning strikes with force, electrify Burning flesh from your bones, your time to die To glory we ride wild and free, banners high in bravery In forces of fire and steel we believe, our metal hearts will persevere Horns of war are calling us all With Fire and Steel we're riding the storm A flash in the night we're burning the sky With Fire and Steel to battle we ride Horns of war are calling us all To glory with Fire and Steel we will ride A flash in the night we're burning the sky With Fire and Steel forever we stride
Metal Avengers (5:19) (Whirlewolf/MetalHeart) Pushed aside, branded and exiled Damned and cursed by all of the mankind Chained and tortured, surrounded by evil The sleeping giants have now awakened Raging with wrath and hungry for war Rampant and lawless the truce is no more Victimization and blood sacrifice Kingdoms will fall, the final demise The force storms the gate, hearts filled with hate Slaves turned knights, mustered as one for metal tonight Metal Avengers are rising tonight Bonded by metal in glory and might Metal Avengers are rising to reign Fire and iron and steel in their veins Metal Avengers to battle they ride Brothers united with steel on their side Metal Avengers command me to fight Metal Avengers be my guide Fierce they ride, infernal warlords Crush their norms and break all their laws Lust for blood and souls to devour Force of steel will rise to power Bound for glory on battle they thrive Fueled by fire, the will to survive Thus we march and ride into glory, sound the charge... to victory The force storms the gate, hearts filled with hate The fire-force unleashed, riding the storm of fire and steel As the flames reach the horizon Rain of steel will fall from sky Wimps and posers are brought to their knees Thus will rise the kingdom of steel The force storms the gate, hearts filled with hate Raid, charge, they will, wielding the power to strike and to kill
Blade of Flames (4:45) (Whirlewolf/MetalHeart) Storm clouds cover the sky, smoke arises up in the night Howling winds are calling upon the blacksmith into the forge Enfolded in black far away from the sun, golden fire the only light Crucibles igniting once more, melting steel, in fire reborn Smelting and melting the steel to the core The blade that was lost is forgotten no more The hammer is pounding, the anvil is strong Reborn through the fire, re-forged by the gods Bow down, kneel before me Feel the steel that cuts through your veins Bow down, feel the fire Feel the sting of the blade of flames Heat is rising, healing the blade Quenched in oil and hammered to shape Symbols and warnings are brought on the hilt Strength and balance, sharpened to kill Black magic, witchcraft, sorcery Pernicious to burn eternally Strike the hour, the midnight is calling Sword in hand, vengeance is rising Possessed by the darkness and evil at hand Heeding the call of the Steelgods’ command Lusting for blood and desire to kill Riding the shockwaves, defending the steel Storm clouds cover the sky, thunderbolts the steel to strike Raging winds cause for alarm, hordes of evil march into war Burning the land of the blind to the ground Foes deformed, in blood to drown, blessed by fire, in ashes reborn Blessed by steel, the Gods will return Strong is the hand that is wielding the sword Obsessed by blade and the power it holds Destroying all rivals now once and for all Death is the saviour and steel is the law
Desolation Angels (5:18) Whirlewolf/MetalHeart) Look to the sky, gaze in wonder Something just doesn’t seem right Black shapes approaching in madness Screaming with ten thousand strong Fallen from heaven and cast into hell Chained in the darkness until judgment day They ride, wings of hell ignite, hellfire Beware, the fire is burning the sky Desolation angels on demon wings they fly Bound with no mercy, the dust begins to rise Desolation angels bring death and devastation The only true salvation, forevermore damnation Enchanting’s their gospel of evil Seducing to mass suicide Don’t dare to stare in their lid-less eyes Courting your path to the other side Once so divine, now fallen from grace Curse and defiled, deformed and defaced They fly, across the endless sky so high Beware, run for your life and keep out of sight Heaven and earth torn asunder The wings of destruction take flight Taking no prisoners and no one survives Twisted, all beauty must die Abysmal and wretched, repulsive and vile The stench of redemption, black is their bile They’ll fight until the end of time Beware, the end is near and evil survives
Savage Retribution(4:53) (Whirlewolf/MetalHeart) I have come from the shadowland And I know what I have become I have seen the grotesque at first hand From within my senses are numb An angel of retribution The boy inside the mirror has gone Intoxicated with anger No words can bring me down Deep in the dark I have waited The anger within is my strength I seek revenge for the wrong you’ve done Now I’m here to bring you down Pounding, pounding heads will crush Cutting and slashing the blood will rush Fall down, drop down on your knees Words don’t feel but steel is real You think you know, you think you’re the best You think the world will dance on your strings You’ll never know, you won’t understand Don’t you know you don’t mean a thing Come the day I seal your fate Deep down and into the mire Don’t you know you will get burnt When you’re playing with fire Feel the sledge pounding your bones Feeble and weak for the strife Kneel down and beg for mercy Cry out as I take your life Beaten down and broke to pieces Blood gushing out from your wounds You wanna scream, but no one hears ya Like maggots crawling in dirt Crown me the king of your nightmares And watch me run amok Violence the prince of your world now I don’t give a fuck I will haunt you deep down in hell Vengeance forever mine Curse you in darkness to dwell Cast into the fire
The Blood on Thy Shield (4:53) (Whirlewolf/MetalHeart) Hiding behind the veil the night Our armies have gathered for metal to fight Banners held high, raised to the sky Defenders of Fire and Steel will unite Black is the leather and black is the heart Chains ‘round the waist and bullets across Fear has no meaning and nor does remorse We are the true unstoppable force Side by side, one with the hammer we’re ready to stride Strong in steel, for metal to battle it’s kill or be killed Fighting for Metal, fighting for Steel There is no surrender and we’ll never kneel Fighting for Metal, fighting for Steel For hell and for glory, the blood on thy shield At the first rays of light the trumpets will call Sounding the charge for the hammers to fall The red sun arises in union we stand Wielding the axe and the sword of the damned Straight from the vault, the metal assault We fight for the old ways, enforcing the law Servants of Metal forever we are We fight for its glory, we fight ‘til we die Side by side, servants of Metal retaining the stride Strong in steel, united in battle for Metal we kill The road into glory’s a long road ahead Millions will die and their blood will be shed But we show no remorse and no mercy nor grace We feed ‘em defeat and we feast on their flesh Destined for glory we ride for the crown Blood on thy hands let thy enemies drown For blood and for glory let justice be done Legions of metal forever as one
Knock ‘em Down (6:12) (Whirlewolf/MetalHeart) We started on this journey with purpose and with goal To fight for what we believe in, regardless of the toll North and south united, from the east into the west We settled down for no one, we were born to beat the best United by steel to fight and kill United by the fire to shock that steel United by the hand of doom and fire To keep it true ‘til the end Knock ‘em down with our sound Fuck the posers and shoot ‘em down Knock ‘em down to the ground We are the mighty, the loud and proud Knock ‘em down with our sound Pounding metal, fast and loud Knock ‘em down to the ground All hail metal and shake the ground Burning with desire, we set to ride the sky The flame within keeps burning, on wings of steel we fly We have sworn to walk this path together, never to retreat Standing side by side forever, turning up the heat United by steel, we fight and kill United by the fire, we shock that steel United by the hand of doom and fire We keep it true ‘til the end Riding on the shockwaves, united under the sign Through the eyes of fire the nights of steel ignite Axe of hatred’s pounding, breaking down the walls Defending our rights to play, forever standing tall
The Battle Rages On (With Fire & Steel Pt. ii) (5:12) (Whirlewolf/MetalHeart) Thunderbolt and lightning rain from the sky The smell of burning torches takes you up so high Ride hard, blaze fast with thunder in the veins Flying under wings of death, free from shackles and chains Eyes of fire burning, hearts of steel and pride Blessed by the Gods, ruthless and divine Armed with hate and anger, ripe to strike To rule and obey the Metal Gods’ command On wings of fire we’re riding the storm Sworn to avenge, we will conquer them all The battle for metal still rages on With fire and steel to battle we ride Betrayers, deceivers, like maggots they will crawl Rage of steel is what they feel one by one they fall We’re hitting hard, striking fast, with vengeance on the mind Tearing up through fire as blood and steel unite The force begins to fight the fight with the power of five As the prophecy foretold the strong will survive Bound by the will in fire sacred oaths were sworn Death before disgrace, the sacred warrior’s code Thunderbolt and lightning reign across the sky Hearts of steel and glory blood-stained with all their lies Chained upon their crosses, bleeding with demise Judgement day is here now, the metal gods arise Merciless we fight tonight and death we defy With fire and steel invincible we rise False ones crushed and sacred oaths fulfilled Our banners fly high, the sign of victory
Anointed with Steel (5:44) (Whirlewolf/MetalHeart) My brothers, stand before me and hear my battlecry Unite with me in the sign of steel, we will fight until we die For the honour of thy fathers, for the glory that was lost For the fallen kings and the broken wings And the lives that paid the cost To the sound of pounding thunder Through wind and burning rain Men of war and steel we are, We will not know fear and pain With a burning heart, with a mind of steel We will hunt them down and regain the crown We'll fight and never kneel Fight tonight for metal, together side by side As long as we’re united to glory we will ride Forever we fight, Defending the glory United by the power, anointed with Steel Forever we ride, we fight for our destiny Glorious our union will be anointed with Steel By the strength that lies within my hands, by the power of my will By the rising force I will take my course to fight with fire and steel Our legions fight as one tonight like a mountain standing tall In a storm of steel enemies will kneel and one by one they fall By the oath we swore to vengeance, by the blood upon thy shield We’ll ride as one ‘till the fight is done, our reign begins in steel With an iron hand, we will rule this land As gods command we take a stand and fight until the end


Second album from Dutch/German Old School Heavy Metal band Steel Shock, released on 10-02-2019 on Alone records, Greece.

The Press says:
Streetclip.de (DE) 9/10 – (“….That's heavy metal purism and that's how it's makes fun. If the record had been released in 1982, you would now have the word CLASSICS in your mouth. So it's an album for the genre, where all the big names have to compete with their often half-baked mainstream productions. And many will lose …“).

Aardschok (NL) 8/10 – (“...Within this genre ofcourse numerous records have already been made. Yet ‘With Fire & Steel’ manages to distinguish itself on important points. The enthusiasm, the catchy songs, the solid playing and the authentic sound. Great Album….”).

Headbangers Zine (NL) 8,8/10 - It keeps on enticing you to listen to it again and again, and it keeps growing on you.The true characteristic of a great album.

Heavy Metal Holland (NL) 9,2/10 Lords Of Metal (NL) 80/100 –
These five guys are bound for glory and can't be stopped. If you want to survive this true metal attack, then you'd better arm yourself to the teeth.

PowerMetal.de (DE) 8/10 – More metal than we get on "With Fire & Steel" both textually and musically we get around the ears, is almost impossible.

Rockhard Magazine (DE) 8,5/10 - STEEL SHOCK takes no prisoners, but forge glowing traditional steel. Light-hearted metal pleasure is the order of the day.


released February 10, 2019


all rights reserved



Steel Shock Netherlands

Old-school heavy metal from the Netherlands & Germany!

We love, admire and live for old- school heavy metal. We embrace the ancient ways of hardrock and heavy metal, and all its glorious clichés. We’re having a good time, because we do what we love, and we love what we do! Join us and fight for Heavy Metal!

Keep it safe, keep it true, keep it METAL and Shock That Fuckin’ Steel!
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